Propane is used daily in many residential structures. While there are various sources of heat and energy, propane is an affordable, efficient and environmentally safe option. 

Benefits of fueling you home with propane:

  • Use of propane gas stove often makes cooking less expensive compared to the cost of electricity
  • Propane offers better control of cooking temperatures
  • Reduce your carbon foot with the use of a propane-powered water heater
  • Enjoy both safe and warm fireplaces inserts during wold winter seasons
  • Propane powered space heaters will work during power-outages allowing for a reliable and comfortable option
  • Propane dryers save 20 percent in average energy costs annually, compared with electric dryers.

The benefits of propane aren’t limited to indoors, continue to enjoy the perks of propane in your outdoor living spaces.

Benefits of outdoor propane:

  • Propane fireplaces are much more cost-efficient to own and operate compared to their wood-burning and electric counterparts
  • A typical full-size propane patio heater will output 40,000 BTUs and will distribute even heat up to a 20-foot radius area, or 314 square feet
  • Enjoy pool season year around by efficiently heating your pool
  • Propane grills heat up quicker giving you more time to enjoy with family and friends
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